Erik Peterson Case Study Questions

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1. What problems does Erik Peterson face To address the main problem Erik Peterson is inexperienced and this shows in his incapacity to handle various situations in the case. He lacks the support of the upper management (Jenkins and Hardy), and does not reach out for help among his peers( Green,Cantor) He also has to face insubordination,Curt Andrew being the prime accused in this case. He also faces the Turn on Deadline 2. What are the underlying causes of these problems (offer at least one reason)? Erik Peterson lacks the leadership quality which is vital in the position he holds in the company. On more than one occasion he displayed his conflict avoiding trait instead of trying to sort the situation on. He lacked the strategic planning which was required in this case to make sure the company kept progressing as planned. His superior, Mr. Hardy who has no prior experience in this field as well makes a wonderful mess of things and even scrutinizes the positive measures Erik Peterson comes up with. His military background maybe one of the reasons as in the military ,people are accustomed to observe protocol and this could have influenced him in the many wrong decisions he took. 3. How effective has Peterson been in taking charge of the Hanover startup, in terms of managing the new operation and of providing leadership? Peterson has been effective to a reasonable extent in taking charge of the Hanover startup. He has brought it positive morale and has started to gain the approval of the majority of his staff (Melissa, Trevor, Todd and Stevana ) .So in terms of “Managing the new operation he is doing a reasonable job ,but in terms of providing leadership he doesn’t do justice. His attitude when confronted about the conflict of salaries between the staff showed he wanted to avoid the conflict rather than confronting it and standing his

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