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DeMolay: Building Tomorrows Leaders Today Since 1919 DeMolay International is the world’s largest fraternal organization for young men aged twelve to twenty-one. It is specifically designed to provide a good moral environment to young men while teaching leadership skills. The ultimate aim is to build better young men who will, in turn, become better men, citizens, husbands, fathers, friends and leaders in the future. The Order of DeMolay was founded in March 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri by Frank S. Land and nine young men. With World War I just completed in Europe, many of these young men had no father at home to teach them these lifelong lessons, and thus The Order of DeMolay was born. In addition to being not only a place to have fun with friends and Brothers, DeMolay is a…show more content…
The fifth virtue is Comradeship; no man young or old can have any more of an honor of that of lifelong friendship. My grandfather always said that if when you die you can look back and say that you had at least one person you could call a true friend for more than thirty years you were a lucky person. Fidelity, being one of the most important virtues of the order, as it was by the name of a great man that being “Jacques DeMolay” that we have taken to call this order “DeMolay.” Where by his Fidelity, he would rather give is life then betray those that called him Friend. Cleanness is the sixth virtue; not only in body, but in thought, mind and actions. Making sure that we guard our tongues from those words that not only hurt others, but that hurt us as well. Remembering that by a clean mind with in a clean body is essential for the growth of a clean

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