Dbq on Global Flow of Silver

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The global flow of silver majorly affected the involved people’s society and economy in both a positive and negative way. In documents 5, 1, 3, 6, and 7, these documents show how the demand of silver has changed the economy and the society. In document 5, it shows how the currency has changed from battering to paying in silver. In document 1, it shows how the economy and society has been affected with the silver flow because, with the high demand of silver it caused the value of silver to increase, and so the official is urging the people to save their silver since the government doesn’t distribute out enough. In document 3, the out official reports that the grain prices are dropping because the government isn’t giving out sufficient silver for the people to use. The official says this because as an official it’s his duty to take care of the people and their problems. In Document 6, the priest describes how the demand of silver has led to the exploitation of the natives. He also describes how the people are stealing the silver. The priest says this because as a priest he is against violence and theft through the Christian values. In document 7, the official reports to the emperor about how the flow of silver has affected the price of silver by increasing the price and worth of it. The official says this because as he is trying to repeal the ban on foreign trade he says how they would benefit form the silver that is valued highly. To better support my thesis, a document from a slave who works in the mines to get the silver would better help me understand how the society was affected with the silver trade. In documents 4, 2, and 8, the flow of silver show how the economy was affected, people spent the silver to buy luxury goods from china. In document 4, it describes large shipment of silver from Japan to china in exchange for Chinese luxuries. The British

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