Dbq Essay: Causes for Civil War

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The Civil War was a fight between two sides of our nation that had causes that led back to different issues and tensions in the history of our country. The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865, and had over 618,000 casualties. The Civil War was caused by many different reasons, but a few were economy, slaves, and regional differences. The first main cause of the Civil War was conflict between the North and the South about the differences in how the two territories ran their economies. From Document 2, it shows that the South relies on slavery for their economy. According to Document 3, some people in the South, such as Hinton Helper, did not like that, and thought their economy was weak. The North, according to Document 2, had a better economy and made about $1,345,000,000 more yearly in manufactured goods than the South. The South required more and more slaves in order to keep their economy running. Plantations were a big part of the economy in the South because that’s where they grew their cotton, and without slaves, the plantations would die. The economy was a cause in the Civil War because the North and South started to realize who wanted slaves and who didn’t. Another important cause of the Civil War was conflict between the North and the South about the issue of slavery. Slavery was a big issue in the South, whereas the North yearned for the abolish of slave labor. According to Document 1, Railroads were slim in the South, for the reason that slaves would have an easy way to escape. The division between the North and South grew when John Brown raided Harper’s Ferry. In Document 6 it explains the reactions to the attack. John Brown attacked Harper’s Ferry in order to get weapons to the slaves. In the reactions you can see the differences between the two different territories. The North sang songs of valor, while the South hung and despised him. This
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