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Unit 4 DBQ Slavery Slavery is an issue that has been prevalent in this world since the dawn of humanity. The human race has a tendency to crave power and authority, which comes hand in hand with the habit on conforming, which we humans also have been known to practice. The Civil War was a critical time in our nation’s history; morality was put to the test as the issue of slavery was being questioned. I believe that slavery was a major cause of the civil war since it was the main contrast between the North and South in the late 1800s. One reason that slavery was a major cause of the Civil War is that it was the reason why the Confederates wanted to secede from the Union. In Document A, Calhoun says that he believes that slavery could cause disunion. He wrote this document in March of 1850, which was just a few years before the Civil War started in 1861. Also, his document is directed towards Senators, which was also in a debate over slavery for America. Calhoun was presenting to the Senate the issues that could arise if slavery was to be messed with and/or taken away. In the Senate, Calhoun was the supported the position of proslavery in the 1830s and 1840s. He moved for the Fugitive Slave Laws to be passed and thought of slavery as a “positive good” which In Document B, Lincoln is addressing the issue of slavery to the people of the South. He is reassuring that he will not tamper with their rights to their property and that he will keep true to his word that he will not take away slavery within the states that already have it. This document was written in 1861, right when Lincoln was first elected. This is what he had in mind and his position, yet after a few years and the beginning of the Civil War, he changed his mind and decided to enact the Emancipation Proclamation that freed all slaves in all states in 1863. This also proves that slavery was a budding
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