Dbq 20 Stalin Essay

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Throughout history, people have pondered the role of Joseph Stalin, one of the most controversial leaders in world history. However, his rule can easily be proved both positive and negative for the country of Russia. Positively he made Russia into a military superpower. But his methods had a negative impact on Russia. Among Stalin’s accomplishments to the building of Russia, many were indeed positive. Stalin introduced a five-year economic plan, which gave a number of quotas for both industry and agriculture. “The fulfillment of the first and second Five-Year Plans strengthened the U.S.S.R.’s economic position . . .” (Document 9) As shown by charts illustrating both industrial and agricultural growth (Document s 2, 3, 6), Stalin’s economic venues helped Russia to become a modern industrial society and let to Russia’s rise to a world power. Also the focus on heavy industry made to help increase the grandeur of the state. Under a command economy, in which the government controls all decisions made concerning the economy and personal lives, Russia with no doubt grew strong. Stalin said “To slow down would mean falling behind. And those who fall behind are beaten. But we do not want to be beaten!” (Document 1) Attitudes such as these helped to rally the people of Russia, so that they came together as a united force. People came together to provide workers for the factories, and farmers on the collective farms. Stalin created a feeling of pride and nationalism that also helped this country grow strong. Yet, for all of Stalin’s positive accomplishments, he also seemed quite the negative ruler, First, Stalin developed a system of collective farming that combined once privately owned farms into large farms, operated by the government. This put an end to individual profits. New he stressed, everything for the state must come first, the individual is
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