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DBQ 12:Essay The industrial revolution began in the early 18th century, in England. It started when the demand for iron became must greater , the iron was mainly used to create railroads which is one of the most important impacts of the industrial revolution. All though the production of iron went up and more railroads were being made , the iron was being made by kids at a factory working in harsh working environments, because of the fact that kids were dying , I believe that the effects of the industrial revolution were negative. In an excerpt from William Coopers testimony (Document #1), Cooper is talking to a twenty eight year old man , the man states how he started working at a mill at 10 years of age, worked sixteen hour days, and could not go to school. At 28 this man could not write , when working at the mills you might make money , but your education suffered from the tiny amount of money you would make. In An excerpt from the testimony of Joseph Hebergam (Document #2) Joseph is describing how he is ill from the dust in the factories , overwork and insufficient diet. Joseph also states that he will die within the year because his lungs are damaged and his lung muscles are so damaged that they will not support the weight of his bones. Joseph also tells the story of how a little boy died in the factory and how the shafts in the factory were never covered, this document shows how the working environments in the factories could kill/seriously hurt people and how even if you survived working in it , the long term affects will catch up with your health. In Document #8 , There is a chart that shows the iron production from 1740 until 1900 , with the British iron production in 1740 being 17,350 tons and in 1900 being 9,000,000 tons. This number shows how hard the kids working at the factory had to have worked to reach a number like 9 million , also you
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