David's Impact in the Bible and Life

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Who would not be influenced by the man after God’s own heart? David, the man who defeated the Philistine giants, the man who played the harp for King Saul’s entertainment, only to later replace him on the throne. David has personally impacted me in many ways, but his courage and strength to have faith in God even after every single screw-up influenced me the most. David was the youngest of eight brothers to Jesse. As he was of little importance to his family, David was chosen to watch over the flock, to be forever a shepherd boy. He took his role as shepherd very seriously. He had great faith in God to protect him from the beasts and such that roamed his pastures, which is why I think he has influenced me to a great extent. No matter what his situation was he always relied on God to get him through. Although he was a screw-up later in life, in his youth he was remarkably faithful. His ability to face his fears gave me courage as a child in knowing that if God will put you through something, He’ll give you the strength to endure. Later on in David’s life, when he was King of Israel, he fell into sin with Bathsheba, his greatest soldier’s wife. His bad decisions caused him to kill one of his best friends and leave Bathsheba widowed. Although it was uncommon for the King to have many concubines, God deemed his relationship with Bathsheba unlawful, for she was a married woman, adultery to say the least. Anyway, David falling in and out of sin made me realize that if this “man after God’s own heart” can fall easily to temptation, so could I. I came to a point that I realized that no person can be perfect in God’s eyes, for even on our best days, like it says in Isaiah 46, we are “dirty rags” in the sight of the Lord, and trust me when I say this, you do not want to know what dirty rags are. David’s primary influence on me was that if he was such a great man and
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