Authorities on Martin Luther’s Life Essay

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The Three Influential Authorities on Martin Luther’s Life Martin Luther had many influences and important authorities in his life but the main ones were his parents, the abbot of the monastery (who represented the church) and the Bible. Martin Luther was one of the worlds most famous change makers. He was the person who fueled the great change during the Renaissance, otherwise known as: The Reformation. When Martin Luther first joined the Catholic Church, he would follow every rule and regulation that was set out for him. He would never disobey these rules and orders, because if he did, Martin Luther could be kicked out of the church and this was the one thing he did not want. This was mainly because he didn’t want to disappoint his parents in any way, which brings us to the first important influential authority on Martin Luther’s life. At the time it was a great honor to be considered part of the Roman catholic church and Martin’s parents were extremely proud of their son because being a part of the church gave you and your family a very good reputation. But the feeling of being proud was washed away when Martin Luther messed up at his first ceremony, and although his parents were very angry, Martin found solace in someone else. The abbot of the monastery, who taught Martin many important life lessons and always guided him through the right path. This same abbot sentMartin Luther to Rome, but when he got there he realized something was terribly wrong. He saw that all the church was interested in was making money and soon after realizing this, Martin Luther became angry and more reckless, breaking rules and such. The Roman catholic church wanted him silenced but by listening to the abbot of his old monastery, Martin Luther kept a lower profile for a while. In my opinion this shows that the abbot, was definitely a very important authority in Martin

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