Darfur Genocide Research Paper

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Corino 8-4 February 2, 2011 The Darfur Genocide Genocide- “The planned extermination of a national or racial group,” (Dictionary.com) Many people don’t understand that Genocide is a worldwide conflict. Some people only know of the Holocaust and nothing else. If the US nation is taught about the Darfur Genocide, they can figure out how to put an end to genocide forever. The Genocide in Darfur proves that history repeats itself, if society is not educated about the past; then people will never be able to prepare for the future. In 2003, “Never again became once again,” (Unknown) The Darfur region began to get overpopulated and supplies ran low. The Sudanese government decided that Darfur was to be ethnically cleansed, that means kill the people who weren't Muslim or Arab. The majority of Darfur was Muslim. The Sudanese government needed an ally; they hired, trained, and paid the Janjaweed. (A military group) The Janjaweed received one order:…show more content…
Nobody is doing anything. People are dying daily, which isn’t even fair. Darfur has so much faith in the US, they believe US will help, but US is just sitting there and doing nothing. Sooner than later the whole African race will be gone, because history repeats itself. Works Cited Ananth, Kumar. "The causes of the Darfur genocide ." Helium.com. Helium inc., 2004. Web. 29 Jan 2011. . Unknown, . "Ending Genocide in Darfur, Promoting Peace in Sudan." fcnl.org. FLNL, Updated: 10/17/2006. Web. 1/29/11. . Unknown, . "Darfur for Dummies ." darfuraustralia.org. © Darfur Australia Network, 2005. Web. 29 Jan 2011. . Hitt, Shanna. "21st Century Genocide The Crisis in Darfur." authorstream.com. authorSTREAM, June 03, 2009. Web. 29 Jan 2011. . Sundberg, Annie, and Ricki Stern. The Devil Came on Horseback. N.p.: n.p., 2004. CD-ROM. Combs, Allen. Save Darfur. N.p.: eLeaP, 2003. Web. 2 Feb.
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