Cyp 3.31.2 Child Protection

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CYP3.3 1.2 Explain child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people. Every school or establishment that deals with children, are required to have a safeguarding policy in place, which should be re-evaluated as well as updated on a regular basis. The term “Child Protection’ is increasingly being altered by that of “Safeguarding,” Child protection is idiosyncratically about abuse, it also comes under an umbrella term called safeguarding. Safeguarding are all the things that we do, all the policies and procedures we have that help keep the children safe. Safeguarding a child or young person is also to ensure that they have the outlook to achieve their true potential and have the right to be protected from abuse, such as: Physical abuse Sexual abuse Emotional abuse Neglect Exploitation This also shows the consequence of shared responsibilities as there can be many different agencies involved in dealing with each case. Safeguarding children is fundamentally part of schools everyday activities Wearing ID badges to identify oneself Not putting ourselves at risk to possible complaints Signing in and out of school Ensuring current legislation is adhered to such as, Every Child Matters Data Protection Human Rights Health and Safety at Work The Safeguarding Policy should be compliant with sections from: The Education Act (2004) Working Together The Local Children's Safeguarding Board To take account and inform of policy in related areas such as, Discipline Bullying e-safety exploitation Child protection is part of the wider concept to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. It refers to the activity that is undertaken to protect particular children who maybe suffering from any form of abuse or neglect. This also involves, protecting children and young people from maltreatment besides

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