Cyp3.3 Essay

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CYP Core 3.3 Task 1 1.2 Child protection is used to describe a set of government run services deigned to protect children and young people that are vulnerable or victims of abuse. The child protection officer in my setting is Rachel fisher (manager). Child protection is not just protection children form abuse is also to make sure every child is safe and consider the wellbeing of each child In our setting we have polices and procedures to follow for crime and bulling, keeping children safe from accidents, missing children, promoting welfare and health and safe etc. Also in our setting we have key workers so you can follow each child and would notice changes. Risk assessments such as providing a safe environment inside and outside a school setting. Adhering to school policies, procedures and legislation i.e. health and safety, fire drills and missing children. Keeping up to date with training in safeguarding issues. Encouraging learning and development of children and young people. Assessing observations to identify additional support needs a child or young person will need (CAF) which is a common assessment framework, this system enables multi agencies to access and add information about children. The safeguarding of children and young people is an integral part of our everyday activities: wearing ID badges to identify ourselves; not putting ourselves at risk to possible complaints when dealing with children i.e. getting them to change out of their wet clothes themselves or by having other adults around if you must assist them; signing in/out at the work premises; anyone in contact with children have an enhanced CRB checked to ensuring we comply with current legislation . Every Child Matters, Human Rights, Health and Safety at work, Data Protection etc. Within our setting we make sure the setting is well planed to allowed access to each area
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