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Current Event Essay Just over a month ago our federal government closed several of its agencies and national parks’ doors. About 800,000 employees were furloughed and money that needed to be spent wasn’t distributed. All of these effects including the shutdown itself can be summed up in three major points. Republican hostility towards the implementation of the many sections of Obamacare held up the ability of Congress to muster a fiscal plan for the approaching quarter. Tea party members’ egos are getting in the way of any cooperation between Democrats and Republicans. Finally, if Congress failed to find a solution by Thursday October 17th, our nation could have very well defaulted on its debt, sending the economy further into a downward…show more content…
The shutdown happened because our leaders failed to come to a compromise on how to spend our tax dollars. So instead of taking any means necessary to allow for the prosperity and well-being of their country, Republicans just sat on a pile of undistributed money and played the waiting game. Thankfully, Congress made a deal and got the economy back on its bumpy track. If Congress had failed to do so, however, the effects would have been catastrophic. The value of the dollar would be pennies, millions of people out of work, and the US missing a debt interest payment for the first time. All of this could have easily been avoided by setting aside our selfish wants and desires and thinking of the good of our magnificent…show more content…
They sit in their offices earning millions of dollars no matter how many people they hurt. As Brian Frydenburg elegantly put it, “These people were not elected to compromise…” If we as a united nation want to avoid and overcome situations like these, it takes the full cooperation of the leaders we elected for us. But it also goes beyond just knowing the need for compromise is real, we have to be preemptive in choosing our leaders. The public needs to be active in knowing who they have chosen to represent their

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