Curley Is a Complex Character

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Analyse the extent to which Steinbeck succeeds in presenting a complex character in Curley’s wife. Throughout the novel Steinbeck feeds us two different aspects of Curley’s wife. One being the dangerous and flirtatious women and the other being is broken, weeping mess. All through mice of men our opinion changes direction, however in this essay I will analyse the way Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife as a multifarious character. We first hear of Curley’s wife in chapter two, Candy feeds George and Lennie information about Curley’s wife before she enters the bunkhouse. Candy is preparing them for her, as if she will automatically bring trouble and woe. “Wait’ll you see Curley’s wife”…“she got the eye.” This is the first time we hear of Curley’s wife and we already feel uncomfortable towards her, Steinbeck is prejudicing the reader before we can construct our own opinion. However we also sympathise towards her at the start because we realise Curley's wife doesn’t have a real name. This shows us Curley uses he wife as a trophy and she was never given a name in the novel, she is only treated as a possession of Curley and how no one else on the ranch wanted to get to know her but avoid her instead. Steinbeck’s description of Curley's wife when she first appears suggests that she is far too overdressed and fabricated for the working ranch life. “…rouged lips and wide spaced eyes, heavily made up.” Her appearance implies that she is flirtatious and looking for male attention, but in reality she is lonely and desperate for company. Steinbeck may have connected Curley’s Wife with the colour red because a connotation of red is danger however Curley's wife is portrayed with wide eyes to illustrate her as naive character. This confuses the reader as we see two different sides of one quotation. Curley's wife doesn’t help her confusing situation as she acts provocative and

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