Cultural Competency in Nursing

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Cultural Competency in Nursing U.S. Cultural Population Trends ! U.S. minority population grew by 29% from 2000 – 2010 ! Projections are that minorities will outnumber white, non-hispanics by 2050 ! Overcome language barriers and understand cultural differences to provide better care (Smedly 2003) African American Population Trends African American population will increase 43% The MAJORITY will become the MINORITY Important Facts About African American Culture Launch trusting relationships by being patient advocate Encourage discussion of alternative therapies Contact clergy or provide time for prayer or religious study Support family visitation and participation Muslim Population Trends Did you know that the Muslim faith ranks as the second largest Non-Christian faith worldwide? Important Facts About Muslim Culture Prayer and illness Importance of hygiene No pork allowed Jewish Population Trends Important facts about the Jewish culture Ranging levels of observance Kosher Diet • Secular – Judaism is a culture • Orthodox – Bible has devine origin • Prohibits pork, shellfish, mixing meat and dairy • Times of observance • Rules • Male and Female touching Observance of Sabbath Female Modesty Chinese Population Trends Between 2000-2010 the Asian population was the fastest growing ethnic minority in the U.S People of Chinese descent constituted the largest proportion of this growth. Important Facts About Chinese Healthcare Beliefs Healthcare is determined by the balance among these four elements: Yin Qi Chinese Healthcare Beliefs Blood Yang Important Facts About Chinese Culture Scraping Cupping Diet Temperature of medications To restore balance and health, the Chinese culture engages in these techniques. Latin American Population Trends ! Over half
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