Cultural Anthropology Observation Paper

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Cultural Anthropology Observation Assignment While contemplating where I should conduct this research I had considered a variety of different stores. First I had considered Albertsons, Best buy, Big 8, Barnes and Noble. None of them had seemed sufficient for what I had been looking for. I considered the various cultures of America, how as Americans we are able to pick and choose from a large variety of different forms of culture which had been imported to us from countries all around the world. So while contemplating the question, I thought, what better place than Wal-Mart. This superstore can be seen as a description of our American culture. Wal-Mart carries items from A-Z whether it be groceries, car supplies, electronics, clothing, toys, nearly everything. People can pick and choose what they need from one location. In days of the past, if people wanted meat, they would go to a butcher shop. Needed toys; they go to a toy store, etc. Wal- Mart cut that out. Whatever the individual may be looking for there is a strong possibility they will find it there. Many individuals in the history of the world would flee their countries of persecution from religious beliefs, and look for a better land; the Americas. Though, these individuals came into contact with natives. These Natives had already established their way of life, though it wasn’t what the colonist were seeking; so they cut them out. People now had separate stores where they could buy their goods, but still it wasn’t as convenient as they would have liked, thus Wal-Mart was created. Wal-Mart can be seen as America. A land of choice, convenience, and greed. So what better place to conduct this research. On this day of February 6, 2011 I had conducted my Field Observation at Wal-Mart on Alameda off the loop 375. This time was at 3:00 P.M. What a better day to choose than

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