Is Globalization Americanization? Essay

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Is Globalization Americanization? Does an item's history and origin make it inevitably American? This is the question that this paper will try to answer objectively. It is automatically assumed that the item/product produced is of the American culture, which is true because it was produced in America, but the question is, does an item's history and origin make it inevitably American? To answer, one should ask where was the product produced? China, Philippians, or USA? Nike has created a brand with their tennis shoes, but the idea was produced in America, but the product is made in the Philippines. Is Nike American or Philippians? Most consumers are ignorant and do not know a lot of the history or the origin behind the products they, so they make judgments based on the information they have. Nike is an American product that is produced in a forgien country. There is such a high demand for Nike Air Jordan basketball sneakers that they can be sold for as much as $1, 000.00, and that is capitolism at its best, and capitolism is American, just as baseball hot dogs, and apple pie are. Supply and demand set the price for the sneakers, and the Americanization of the culture did not. Still other cultures critics and citizens groups in some countries say that it is arrogant to simpleminded to assume that American culture is “conquering” the cultures of countries around the world. (Johnson, June. Global Issues Local Arguements 2014, Pearson Education) It is not simpleminded to think and plainly see that China, while still communist, adopted a capitolism mindset when they started to allow capitolist companies to open manufactureing plants within China, but why the American companies left for China is for another paper. A better example is McDonalds and since McDonalds has grown globally, and it has been introduce to almost all of the largest populations’/cultures.

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