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Fast Food Nation Summary Chapters 1-3

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  • on December 10, 2010
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Brandon Skaggs
Lifetime Wellness
Louisa DeBolt
9 September 2010
Fast Food Nation starts out with an almost eerie foreshadowing of the possible demise of American society.   Schlosser gets the reader thinking when he states, “should Armageddon come...laying waste to the whole continent... future archeologist may find other clues to the nature of our civilization – Big King wrappers, hardened crusts of cheesy bread, barbeque wing bones, and the red, white, and blue of a Domino's pizza box” (2).   Schlosser goes on to tell about how fast food   is now permanently ingrained into America's popular culture.   He talks about how a process that was once strange and foreign to Americans is now more common than almost any other aspect of an average American's life.   Schlosser shows the effects of the fast food revolution on the American economy when he states, “The McDonald's Corporation has become a powerful symbol of America's service economy, which is now responsible for 90 percent of the country's new jobs” (4).
“The Founding Fathers” starts off by giving background information on Carl N. Karcher.   Carl grew up on a farm Sandusky, Ohio with six brothers and one sister.   His father always instilled in him a belief of working hard for a better life.   So when Carl got the opportunity to go work for his uncle in Anaheim, California he went for it.   Carl worked at his uncle's feed and seed store selling goods to local farmers.   While working there he met his future wife Margaret Heinz, whose family owned an orange farm right down the road.   Carl soon picked up a second job driving a truck for a bakery.   When Carl noticed how many buns he was delivering to local hot dog stands he decided to buy one for himself to make a little extra cash.   Around this time the automobile industry exploded.   “The nation's car culture reached its height in southern California, inspiring innovations such as the world's first motel and the first drive-in bank” (Schlosser 17).   With great success...

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