Critique of Boar

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In chapter 2, “Strategy” of book “Strategic Thinking for Information Technology” written by Boar, Bernard H, explained how strategy is being used in the IT world to success and the impact of IT with strategy thinking. How companies actually create an appropriate response in business by doing strategic thinking. This critique will relate and compare with chapter 1,”Creating Business Advantage with IT” of the book call “Information Strategy and Management, 6th Edition” written by Applegate, L.M, Austin, R.D, McFarlan, F.W. Boar, Bernard H, had pointed out that to plan for IT strategy, the IT organization must first learn the concept of strategy before putting it to practice. Boar (1997) pointed out that to achieve succession of strategy planning for the organization; it must first fully understand the strategy (61). Not all strategy and business model suit all organization, the organization has to be careful in planning and finding the best strategy and business model that suit the organization. Only by understanding the strategy and business model then the organization is able to find the suitable one. This is explained in Applegate’s chapter. Applegate (2003) pointed out the 5 questions guidelines which to be used when analyzing the impact of IT on strategic decision making. Using these guidelines to find out the most suitable strategy that fits the organization (32). In this chapter, Boar has quoted many examples from very famous and well known Asians like Miyamoto Musashi, SunTze and Kano model by Professor Noriaki Kano, to explain the concept of strategy. He seems to be very involved in Asian culture strategy, particularly in Sun Tze’s “Art of War”. These books demonstrate very powerful and useful strategies where current modern businesses are still practicing. Whereas Applegate uses many case studies and impact of the technology to exploit to demonstrates
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