Critical Analysis- Monogamy

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CRITICAL ANALYSIS MONOGAMY The article ‘Monogamy’ discusses the conflicting ideas of the practices of monogamy and polygamy and their believed effects on the quality of life of their committers. The author directs that people now believe, more so the polygamists, that the idea of monogamy lacks lustre and the excitement they think is crucial to sexual relations and that it is incapable of providing fulfilment. She proclaims that despite the greater incidence of social and health consequences in the lifestyle of polygamists, monogamy remains condemned. The voice the author employs throughout her writing and the use of contrast writing indicates clearly that she is supportive of monogamy and aims to inform the reader as to why she believes monogamy promotes a healthy lifestyle as opposed to polygamy. Although she presents valid evidence to support her point, she maintains a biased tone throughout the article. The following analysis will therefore show some elements of the author’s ideas that contribute to such a conclusion by identifying the flaws within the method the author uses and specific statements she makes. In nurturing her purpose, the author uses a counter effect, in that she uses the opinions of people who support polygamy and the promiscuity associated with it as a weapon against its self. She does this to create a differential canvas on which she carefully paints the social glory of monogamy and strongly highlight the adverse consequences of polygamy. In doing so, she focuses only on the benefits of one being monogamous and presents only, what is in her opinion, the social problems typical of polygamists. Her obvious negative opinions of promiscuity are evident when she says “Promiscuous people are not happy.” (Bell, 2004, line 62) and “They are never satisfied with what they have, but continue to strive toward something that is always out of reach.”
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