Katherine Wilson Dude Looks Like A Lady Analysis

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In Katherine Wilson’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady,” she begins with a powerful introduction saying “this is about hair, breasts, and identity” (Wilson 21), insinuating it is going to be a gender identity piece. Reading more of the first page, you assume the thesis is about the common misconceptions of how a woman is supposed to look and how not looking that way could take away from a woman being a woman. Wilson gives the example of her hair being buzzed and people looking at her differently. Although she tries to argue the hardships of not looking like the normal female, Wilson’s argument fails to meet the rest of her story. She claims her argument is about “hair, breasts, and identity,” she is really just ranting and raving her being disrespected and her own issues of being black. Wilson begins with her hair being the issue of her being identified with being a girl. In the introduction you feel as if she’s arguing that women are judged on how exactly woman enough they are by what others perceive them to be and look like. When she cut her hair she states that “people get so twisted over female presentation and what exactly is feminine that my bald head is cause for pause” (Wilson 22), that’s where a reader may assume her main…show more content…
Her claim was to argue the problems of how women are supposed to be seen as thin, long hair, and busty. She dismisses that argument as she focuses on her past problems that end up coming out as anger and just nagging. Also, reveals her own problems with her own race. Her bias is revealed as she called the man a “redneck” and called herself a “nigga,” as she stoops down to her offenders’ level. Her unsupportive argument is not to prove the misconceptions of what makes a woman a woman, really her arguments about her own anger and aggression towards her past. She can’t get over it and carries those feelings and judges everyone, like they are all out to hurt
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