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Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is his given name. Ronaldo was given birth in Madeira, Portugal on February 5, 1985. He was named after his father’s favorite actor. His father’s name was Jose Dinis Aveiro and his mother’s name was Maria Dolores dos Santos. ` His dream was to become a professional soccer player. His intro to soccer was through his father’s work as an equipment manager at a boy’s club that Ronaldo was first introduced to the game of soccer. Ronaldo soon was known as a phenomenon because he was a kid who ate, slept, and drank the game. His godfather, Fernao Sousa, said that Cristiano will do anything to play soccer. He said that all Ronaldo wanted to do is play football (soccer). “He loved the game so much he’d miss meals or escape out his bedroom window with a ball when he was supposed to be doing his homework,” said Fernao Sousa. When Cristiano was young he used to play football with his friends in the neighbourhood on the street. His friends knew him for his amazing skill at an early age. He joined his first club at the age of 8 years old called C.F. Andorinha. Cristiano’s second club was CD Nacional. Cristiano was being scouted by a club called Sporting which he ended up getting signed to. Gerard Houllier, manager of Liverpool at the time, started to check him out but Gerard thought he was to young to sign he said he still needed to develop his skills. In 2001 Ronaldo signed with a soccer club, Sporting Portugal. Players from a pro-club named “Manchester United” went to see Ronaldo play and even told their manager to try to sign him. Soon a club paid Ronaldo’s team more than 12 million euros for his talent. With this, he set a record of a huge fee for a player of his age. Cristiano Ronaldo is now one of the most valuable players in the world. He is also known as one of the world’s best

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