John Muir's Essay: Our Very Special Guest Speaker

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Our Very Special Guest Speaker Today, opening day of the 1947 Major League Baseball season, is a momentous and historic occasion. Today, we have as our speaker someone who has forever transformed the game in a way unlike any other player in history ever has or ever will. Born in 1919, Cairo, Georgia, the youngest of five children, he, like his older brother, Mack, demonstrated tremendous athletic ability from a very early age. This was a family of sharecroppers; when his father left the family, the single parent mother moved her five children to Pasadena, California when he was only one year old. Living in poverty, in his early childhood he initially joined a local gang; fortunately, a good friend persuaded him to quit the gang. In 1935, he enrolled in HYPERLINK ",_California)" \o "John Muir High School (Pasadena, California)" John Muir High School. Inspired by his older brother to pursue his talent and love for sports, he lettering in HYPERLINK "" \o "American football" football,…show more content…
He played quarterback and HYPERLINK "" \o "Safety (football position)" safety for the football team, shortstop and leadoff batter for the baseball team, and participated in the broad jump. However, here in college he again flirted with trouble; although he was elected to the "Lancers,” a student-run police organization responsible for patrolling various school activities, he was arrested, some feel for questionable reasons, and sentenced to two years probation. He was eventually elected to the All-Southland Junior College (baseball) Team and selected as the region's Most Valuable Player in
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