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I awoke from bed at two o'clock in the morning. For me this is quite rare, seeing as though I am normally sleep until eleven o'clock. The excitement and experiences awaiting me were just to great to sleep. I ended up just staying awake and preparing to leave for the greatest adventure of my life. I needed to catch a plane at 9:30AM on route to Texas. In Texas is an event called The CPL. The CPL is an organized gaming tournament with cash prizes in excess of $100,000, and I just so happened to be playing in it. Arriving at the Philadelphia air port with just enough time to get through security, I boarded the plane. What was exciting was I was going to ride first class to and from Texas for free. I had won tickets to The CPL during an online tournament. The tournament also granted me hotel stay in Texas and free admission to The CPL. Overall this saved me close to $2,000 if not more. The plane ride was long, but I was very comfortable the whole way. I was so full on delicious food by the time I got to Texas I didn't even eat dinner there. I got my baggage and took a cab to the the hotel that I was going to be staying in. Shortly after arriving, I went to sleep to prepare for the tournament which started promptly the next day.…show more content…
All of a sudden I snapped out of it and realized it was just my alarm. I hate it when dreams seem so real! I began my normal morning routine of showering, shaving, and brushing my teeth. Once I was all done getting dressed I unpacked my computer that I brought along and started to head to the BYOC room. (BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Computer) The BYOC room is absolutely huge! With rows and rows of people sitting on computers practicing for when its there time to compete. I loved the idea because you can play other really good people before it
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