Court Issues & Victims’ Rights

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Court Issues & Victims’ Rights CJA/394 Court Issues & Victims’ Rights The court system in the United States is not perfect; however, it is the best system available. The court system allows a defendant to exercise his or her constitutional rights, such as the right to an attorney, protection against double jeopardy and self-incrimination. There are; however, issues causing problems such as language barriers, the speediness of trying cases, and the perceived insensitivity to victims’ rights. The criminal justice system must evolve with the community and the citizens of which it represents. Language Barriers As the United States continued to grow so did its cultural diversity. With cultural diversity comes many challenges for the criminal justice system, such as different moral, and ethical beliefs, and possibly the most important, the language barriers that the components of the criminal justice system face. Since the court system place a large role in society in its resolving of important criminal and civil issues. As society continues to become more culturally diverse than ever, it is important to have the proper skills present in the criminal justice system in order to preserve the rights of all involved. Without the proper translation many things can go wrong starting at the law enforcement level. If a police officer cannot communicate with someone because of a language barrier, the officer might think that the person is acting erratically or yelling at him or her causing the officer to escalate force in order to resolve the matter. Miss interpretation inside the courtroom can lead to the wrong translation of a person’s testimony. This is the reason that it is important for proper translating services inside law enforcement agencies and the courtrooms. The right to a fair trial is an umbrella term, which includes several rights intended to
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