Corruption In Scarlet Letter

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The Puritans in The Scarlet Letter ironically condemn Hester by hypocritically reacting to her sin and by foolishly praising the preacher who actually committed adultery with her. Once the puritans realize Hester was pregnant, they began to condemn her and give her harsh consequences. All together they banished her from the town and tried to take her daughter away from her. These consequences were given hypocritically since the majority of the town participated in witchcraft. The town, in order to justify it's sin, acted like they actually held standards by harshly attacking Hester's sin. In doing so, they tricked themselves into not even having a guilty consciences. The town also praised their preacher, Dimmsdale, who ironically…show more content…
Chillingworth, after slowly discovering that Dimmesdale was the one who committed adultery with Hester, had started an ever growing desire to have revenge on Dimmesdale. This corrupted him and turned him into a hideous person who's only purpose in life was to bring down Dimmsdale. Once Dimmesdale passed away, Chillingworth died shortly there after since he had no purpose for his life anymore. Dimmesdale, having had sinned with Hester, had condemned Hester with the Scarlet Letter which erupted tremendous guilt within his mind. This guilt weakened Dimmesdale and eventually lead to his death. The society of the town escalated in corruption throughout the book. At first the town actually had morals and would follow them, but near the end of the book, the town people had dropped their morals and standards and had become Satan worshipers who praised pastors committing adultery. In conclusion, Through the Scarlet Letter Hawthorne shows how the puritans ironically viewed sin hypocritically and gave consequences for it unjustfully, how the end result of a victim of sin can end up good, and how dangerous sin can be when it affects people's lives and society's

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