Conversion Of Ramon Emperor In Constantine Essay

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A major turning point in history is the ‘conversion’ of the emperor Constantine to Christianity in, or about, 312 AD. Historians have wondered at this idea. This occurred when the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. The result was the end of harassment of Christians and the beginning of Christendom. Emperors were not at all glad and felt indifferent to Christianity. How could an emperor promise to a faith which involved the worship of Jesus Christ, an executed Jewish criminal? This faith was also popular among slaves and soldiers, hardly the respectable orders in society. The story of Constantine’s conversion has learned an amazing excellence, which is expected from the point of view of contemporary Christians. They had just emerged from the so-called ‘Great Persecution’ under the emperor Diocletian at the end of the third century. The moment of Constantine’s conversion was tied by two Christian storytellers to a military movement against a political rival, Maxentius. The conversion was the result of either a vision or a dream in which Christ directed him to fight under Christian standards, and his victory apparently guaranteed Constantine in his faith in a new god. Constantine is counted as one of the most important of the later Roman Emperors because of Christianity. Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to support Christianity and become a Christian. From the time of Constantine, Christianity became Roman Religion, with a temporary setback when his nephew Julian tried to restore the old Roman polytheistic beliefs, which we refer to as paganism. Constantine was also known for his tolerance. In 313 Constantine issued the "Edict of Milan," which he granted religious freedom to all. He ordered that Sunday be granted the same legal rights as pagan feasts and that feasts in memory of Christian martyrs be recognized. Constantine had forbidden the

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