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Summary In the film,“The Constant Gardener”, released in (2005), begins with Justin Quale wishing Tessa his wife and Arnold Bloom a safe trip . The movie flashback to Justin Quale a British diplomat who seemed to be a reserved and quiet person remembering when he first met Tessa at a conference who is a tenacious political activist that argues with passion against his views over politics. The scene advances while Justin was watering his garden at their home when Sandy Woodrow a mutual friend of Tessa and government official colleague of Justin who informed him of Tessa death also a rumor that she and her colleague a black doctor named Arnold Bloom who was her driver at the time of her death has disappeared were both having an affair. Later, Justin and Sandy went to identify Tessa’s badly burnt body. At this moment Justin reflects back to when Tessa begs him to take her to Africa with him. Tessa is now impregnated then ends up having a miscarriage . While the African shanty hospital she befriended a young girl that had AIDS who was taking Dypraxa but later died. Tessa and Dr Bloom suspected that the drug company was using the poor African people some of whom were illiterate as guinea pigs to test a free drug called Dypraxa manufactured by KDH Pharmaceutical company and distributed by Three Bees Pharmaceuticals who was testing the drug effectiveness against tuberculosis. Tessa and Dr Bloom also suspected during the Dypraxa trial the Pharmaceutical drug company was responsible for other related deaths being covered up and the trials being fixed to market the drug to reap a profitable benefit. Tessa informed Sandy about her suspicion and submitted a documented reported who in turn submitted to Pellergan a corrupt bureaucrat along with others in his circlet that wanted a silence leech on accusations that radical Tessa proposed. Sandy who

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