Prescription Fraud In Pharmacy

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Jared Stewart Walton English IV AP 7 March 2012 Ending Prescription Fraud Prescription fraud or abuse is on the rise, in pharmacy after pharmacy, here in America. Prescription fraud can be described as the acquisition of prescribed drugs, such as Vicodin or oxycodone, through a false prescription, and using them for purposes other than what they were intended. The system currently being is plagued with problems because people are still able to falsify prescriptions to accumulate more drugs illegally. A possible solution to this reoccurring problem is electronic prescribing in today’s jargon, e-prescribing. This innovative way of communicating with pharmacist has been instituted to encourage l prescription fraud’s demise. Because…show more content…
Is this saying valid? Could there be a solution to prescription fraud or abuse? Some would say yes, some would say no, but others would present you with E-prescribing. E-prescribing can be defined in many different ways. NHS Connecting for Health described it as: The utilization of electronic systems to facilitate and enhance the communication of a prescription or medicine order, aiding the choice, administration and supply of a medicine through knowledge and decision support and providing a robust audit trail for the entire medicines use process. (Tolley 35) This new found system of prescribing can offset the problems occurring within the old system of prescribing. It has been stated in many different ways that E-prescribing can reduce the error in handwritten prescriptions. Some said that E-prescribing reduces “the risk of medication errors caused by illegible or incomplete handwritten prescriptions (New study finds 19),” another article said that “E-prescribing systems can reduce prescribing errors and their harm (Electronic Prescribing Improves 530).” There is a reason why many articles say that E-prescribing can reduce error. There is a reason why there are so many articles explaining and going into great detail about E-prescribing. There is a reason why articles are gathering data and giving out statistics about E-prescribing. If there were multiple teachers telling a student that the answer to 2+2=4,…show more content…
There are many ways in which prescription fraud can occur. Because of the plethora of ways, pharmacists must be alert and responsible in their actions. Many seem to believe that electronic prescribing has been found to reduce the number of errors and statistics and data reflects that. America cannot be ignorant in this matter. The new electronic system not being implemented is like going through life with a contagious deadly disease, you have the money for the cure, but yet you complain, sulk, and feel sorry for yourself instead of going to get the cure. It makes perfect sense to implement this new electronic system and nobody should think

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