Raymond Carver "Cathedral" summary

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Raymond Carver, “Cathedral”. The short story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is a story from the view of an agitated man on a visit from his wife’s old friend who is blind. From the start, the man shows his detest for the blind man. It is explained that his wife knows Robert from when she was employed by him to read reports and case studies. For years the wife and Robert would exchange tapes through mail to keep in touch. In the last few tapes, the wife invited Robert to come visit due to the recent death of his wife. When Robert comes, it is clear he is a very likeable person, despite the views of the husband. He seems to be very pleasant and quick witted, despite the recent death of his wife. He refers to the husband as “Bub” within minutes of arriving, showing his comfort with the situation. The husband was confused by Robert, having never met a blind man. He says how strange he finds it that Robert doesn’t use a cane or wear dark glasses- later calling Robert’s eyes ‘creepy’. After a large dinner and dessert, the three head into the living room to watch television. The wife nods off in between the two, and the men are left to themselves. They talk for a bit, and then focus their attention on the television which has a show about the middle ages and cathedrals on. After the show, Robert asks the husband to explain what Cathedrals look like. When he can’t explain it well, Robert asks him to draw it. As the husband draws, Robert puts his hand on his, and asks him to close his eyes as well. During this time the husband seems to get a glimpse into Robert’s life. Oscar Casares, “Yolanda”.
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