Confused Identity Essay

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Tyrone Jerrimith March 29, 2009 Sandra Tulloch English 1127 Confused Identity in Junot Diaz’ “How to Date a Browngirl…” In Junot Diaz’ “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl or Halfie”, it is clear that the narrator give instructions that involves a person to change his behaviour depending on ethnic and race. This story suggests questions about the reader recommending hiding one’s ethnic and racial identity depending the person’s race and class. Written as a guide for a Dominican American male, this short fiction hints the impression that people from Dominican Republic encounter an issue regarding racial and ethnic identification. In the story, Diaz shows that Dominican Americans are not being recognized in American society and instead, they are classified as an alien group; this classification negatively affects the narrator’s sense of identity. During the early 1960’s, the Dominican Republic struggled to keep democracy after getting rid of a military leader, Rafael L. Trullo, and was threatened by a military group to seize power. In the article Background Notes On Countries of the World, it points out that “Bosch was overthrown in a military coup in September 1963” (4). According to the article, there were numerous occasions where the military used violence in order to force Bosch to hand them the authority for government. This resulted the invasion by the Americans “to protect U.S. citizens and to evacuate U.S. and other foreign nationals” (4). After entering the United States, the Dominicans fell into a complicated situation which the authors of Sociological Forum states that the Dominicans “discover that they are part of an ethnic group, Latinos or Hispanos…” Because of moving to the US, identity became an issue in racial grouping for Dominicans, as black and white was the only division for skin colour. The authors, Jose Itzigsohn and
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