Conflict - Comparative Essay Of Othello And Blood Diamond

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Assessment 2 Conflict arises where morals and ethics of an individual/society clash in situations where other individual/society has different values or expectations. As humans we change our attitudes and beliefs to accommodate the morals of society. Othello by William Shakespeare, Blood Diamond directed by Edward Zwick, This is my Country by Curtis J Garrette. An individual that intends to commit conflict must have a strong ideological belief, so that the manipulation can be easily passed out. Iago the villain from Othello by William Shakespeare, needs a strong ideological belief, because his character must not show his real emotions during the play. In Act 1, Scene 3 Iago is trying to convince Roderigo to help him defeat Othello, for the lieutenant rank in the army and in return Roderigo is determinded to take Desdemona’s hand in marriage. The conflict shown here is Iago convincing Roderigo, this can be refered back to the thesis, as Iago and Roderigo have very different morals, but through Iago’s manipulation they find a way to work together, hence the conflict is resolved. He engages the audience by using imagery when he talks about the garden and also uses soliloquy so the audience can search through his mind and find out his evil plans. He quotes ‘ hell and night must bring the monstrous birth to the world’s light’, shows us how far he wants to go to satisfy his ideological belief. In the movie Blood Diamond directed by Edward Zwick, the main character Danny who is obsessed about a pink diamond, also has a strong ideological belief like Iago. The pink diamond acts as a symbol of power as Danny travels a great distance and through endless amounts of physical conflict, to obtain his pink diamond. We can realate this to Othello and jealousy as that slowly kills him via inner conflict, Danny also dies when the pink diamond

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