Comparison Star Wars to Antigone

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Comparison Essay: Prompt A
In the movie Starwars and in the play Antigone, the main characters of each have to face difficult moral decisions, which have major consequences. Both characters have great motives, which cause them to make the decisions that they do in their dilemmas.
Antigone’s problem derived from her brother Polynices, who was proclaimed a traitor after he waged war against the state to try to get back control of the throne from his brother Eteocles. Eteocles, the previous ruler of the state, was given an honorable burial while Polynices was left to rot outside the kingdom’s walls. Antigone, who was a very strong willed Greek woman, and who valued loyalty to family, was then left with the dilemma of whether or not to bury her dead brother Polynices, because if she got caught burying hum, then she would be sent to death. Luke Skywalker’s problem was that he was a member of the Jedi, and discovered that his real father was a member of the Jedi opposition, the Dark Side. He knew that he had to confront his real father, so soon before an attack started on the area where his father was he did. He was then left with the decision to join his father on the Dark Side, or hold true to what he believed and stay a member of the Jedi. The motives of Antigone and Luke are similar, yet very different in a couple of ways. Both characters have motives and dilemmas that are derived from family ties, Luke being tied to his father, and Antigone being tied to her brother. Both dilemmas stem from loyalty. Antigone’s dilemma being whether or not to be loyal to her brother and bury him, while Luke has to decide whether or not to be loyal to his father, or loyal to the Jedi. Another similarity is that in both cases, should the characters stay loyal, Luke to the Jedi and Antigone to her brother, then a possible consequence for their

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