Comparrison Between Sister Maude and Brothers.

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The poem "Sister Maude" shows the breakdown of the relationship between the character's voice and her sister. This is shown when a rhetorical question is asked at the beginning of the poem, this emphasises that sister Maude in fact knows that what she has done is wrong, the question is followed by a sarcastic answer in which she repeats her sister's name to cause emphasis that it is her fault. This makes the audience know instantly that this poem is directed at her sister. Sister Maude is later accused of the death of the narrators beloved. The relationship between the two sister's may have been fine before the introduction of a lover, but hints of jealousy and competition between the sister's is hinted throughout the poem. The poem is only in the view of the unnamed sister, we are shown a biased view on the situation. Alliteration is used within the second and third stanza to allow the poem to have a much more sinister impact, as the pace the words are said increases as the audience read the poem, therefore showing the anger of the narrator. The narrator of this poem is not given a name, as if she is lifeless, this corresponds with the theme of death within the poem, creating emphasis towards her sister that it is her fault that the narrator's husband has died. In stanza four, we have references towards religion, as she states: "My father may sleep in Paradise, My mother at Heaven-gate: But sister Maude shall get no sleep Either early or late." This not only implies that her sister should feel distraught over the fact that it is her fault for these troubled events, but that also that she should go to Hell for these sins that she has committed. This then can reference towards the final line of the final stanza; "But sister Maude, oh sister Maude, Bide you with death and sin." While the narrator believes that she and her lover may join her
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