Comparison of Two Styles of Greek and Roman Art Essay

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Possibly my most favored art style period on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, would be the Greek and Roman Galleries located on the first floor. There is a beautiful, tranquil state of mind artistically portrayed throughout each work of art during this time period that has never failed to amaze me. Illustrious depictions of mythical gods and goddesses, as well as the story-telling nature of the style in which these art works are created, are what I find very intriguing. One such example that can further elaborate my point, is the Bronze statue of Eros sleeping, located in the new section of the Greek and Roman Galleries. This realistically sculpted statue shows a young sleeping child sprawled out on top of a rock. It is thought of to be Eros, the god of love, as a baby resting peacefully as if tired or worn out from playing childhood activities. The god’s quiet, undisturbed, untroubled nature presents a graceful beauty that appears to be in unity with the world. At any position, whether standing or sprawled out on the ground in pain, art works and sculptures of this time period still appear graceful and light, as if what you were seeing was too perfect to be real. The dreamlike visionary of this art style is what appeals to me as a harmonious state of mind that we all at some point in our lives wish to achieve. And through detailed art and myths, Greeks and Romans of this time period were able to portray this enviable nature. Another, more contemporary depiction of this art style found in the Greek and Roman Galleries, is the bronze female statue, ‘Night’, by French sculptor, Aristide Maillol in 1907. This dark sculpture of a woman sitting with her head sulking in her knees is featured here in a melancholy, almost sulky undertone. The statue’s title, ‘Night’, I find to be quite appropriately assigned here as the vibe and stance that the woman is portrayed

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