Egypt And Greek Arts

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Two of the greatest civilzations on earth, Egyptian and Greek cultures had a long and glorious history between them. Both cultures contributed many marvelious artistic styles and designs in various fields of art and architecture. They each have their unqiue design philosophies, yet they also share many similaries. These two respective cultures has influenced many modern day designs which shows that memorible designs are truly timeless. Some of the comparitive areas of Egyptian and Greek cultures include sculptures, pottery making, and various architectural designs. One of the main cultural relics for both Egyptian and Greek civilzation was no other than sculptures. Example of Greek sculpture is Athena Giustiniani Musei Capitolini, it is completely done in white marble depicting one of the gods of ancient Greek Mythology. She is wearling a robe and a metal helm while holding up a torch like item in her right hand. The feeling one while looking upon Athena is very cold and a little frighting. The Egyptian example is the stone sculpture of Nefertiti. The statue is only showing her head and small part of her chest. However the statue is completely colored in a realistic fashion. Nefertiti is one of the queens of anicent Egypt, and her appearence is very elegant and universially beautiful face. Some of the similaries of the two scupltures are both use a very realistic representation of their respective subject the human body and head. Also very proportional and both statues used stone as the main material for their masterpieces. There is also numerious differneces between the two culture's statues. One obvious difference is the Egyptian one used very colorful paint so the statue almost look like its alive with very natrual tones. The Greek statue is very plain since its left completely uncolored. Some other difference including clothing and their hats, and also

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