Comparison Of King Arthur In The Once And Future King

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The legend of King Arthur originates in medieval times, but it has been told throughout history and is still told today. Because of its long existence the stories of King Arthur have dramatically changed along with their themes. Both The Passing of King Arthur from Morte D'Arthur and The Once and Future King use similar technical elements to support their themes. The most prominent elements are tone, character, and plot. The two stories have drastically different tones. In Morte D'Arthur the tone is somber. King Arthur is in his dying moments and he asks his trusted knight, Sir Bedivere, to destroy his sword, Excalibur, which gives him all of his power and proved his right to the throne. Sir Bedivere betrays his master, which contributes to the tone of the story. Arthur speaks in disappointment and despair, he is dying and his knights will not fulfill his last request. When Sir Bedivere finally completes his master's wishes Arthur is able to leave and rest in peace and Sir Bedivere stays to guard his grave in loyalty. The important message conveyed by the somber tone and the betrayal of Sir Bedivere is the theme of the importance of loyalty. The story has a dark tone because King Arthur is being betrayed. In The Once and Future King the tone is not somber but hopeful. King Arthur has hope for the future of his people even if he is not their king. The King asks the page to stay away from the…show more content…
Both of the stories of King Arthur, Morte D'Arthur and The Once and Future King, use the technical elements of tone, character, and plot. Both stories have powerful themes of loyalty, but The Once and Future King expresses hope for the future and the importance of ideals making it the more importantly themed of the two stories. Tone along with the plot and characters illustrate the themes of the stories clearly through the sound of the author's words and the actions that the characters take throughout the
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