Comparison Of John Proctor And Tiger Woods

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John Proctor and Tiger Woods John Proctor in many ways is compared to Tiger Woods. John has similar situations that Tiger has had to face throughout his career. Extra-marital affairs and anger/how to deal with problems are two of the main situations. These situations hurt them and helped them at the same time. One way is having extra-marital affairs. Tiger Wood’s affair came out earlier this year and was a major issue. Tiger was seen before as a nice and very ethical person. Then a story came out about him beings involved in an accident in his neighborhood and it could have been involved with his wife. There was more behind the story where his wife found out that he was involved with other women; many women then came out saying that they were involved with Tiger. In Crucible John was seen as a good person as well, but he had his flaws. John had…show more content…
In some cases throughout the book John Proctor would let his anger get the best of him. For instance he would hit women, like his wife. Tiger has a temper when it comes to the game of golf. Tiger throughout his career has been known to shout out cuss words or slam a club. But like John, Tiger can fuel his temper in working out to overcome a problem. John is also a good man but finds his anger is made by the town. The events with witchcraft in the town caused everyone to lie and not stick to the real person they were. John like Tiger always has been himself and wouldn’t let anything change that. Both men used this to help solve the major problems faced. John stood up for himself and was forced to be killed. Tiger stood up for himself and had to deal with his reputation being ruined and all his endorsements second guessing him. John and Tiger both shared similar qualities. These qualities showed in good and bad ways in their lives. While the men were good they had their flaws and learned to live with them and make the most of

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