Is Atticus the Model for an Ideal Parent?

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I think Atticus is a good model for an ideal parent because he caring, shows great courage throughout the book. Also I think he's a good father because he always wanted the best for his kids. Atticus was a good father to jem and scout, mainly because he had to be. As an only parent, Atticus had all the responsibility to look after his children and raise them well. He taught them some of life's valuable lessons and morals to go by. Atticus seemed to allow Jem and Scout quite a bit of freedom. I think this is because he felt that they should learn to live their own lives and if that meant them making mistakes and learning from them. Atticus resembles the typical well mannered father from the 1930's. There is a big difference between how people behaved back then and how they do today. People were more often than not, polite and had respect for others. This is the type of character of Atticus. He was an assertive man, yet he was resevred. When Atticus was defending somone or helping someone out he would always put himself forward and do as much as he could. He mad thispoint clear and stayed with it. Though when he was just enjoying his everyday life he seemed to take a step back and be more enclined to be quieter and let people go about their own bussiness. From how Atticus acts, Jem and Scout learn how to deal with people and how to act around them. He teaches them how to address people politely and how to show respect towards others. Atticus basically gave his children lessons for life. He was also very modest and tried to teach his children about this too. When there was the mad dog wandering down the street, we found out that Atticus was actually had the best shot in the town. Jem and Scout had not heard of this before and so they wanted to tell everyone in order to be proud of their father. Atticus however, told them that there is no need to boast

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