Comparing Romeo And Paris In Shakespeare's Romeo And Paris

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Comparing Romeo and Paris. 1. INTRODUCTION (YOU HAVE TO DO YOURSELF) 2. Romeo and Paris are two important characters in the play Romeo and Juliet. Some characteristics of the two are the same, but there are also huge differences between the two. First some information about the two characters. Romeo Montague is a young, gorgeous boy, and about 16 years old. Just some days before he meets Juliet he is totally in love with Rosaline. That Romeo believes in love at first sight is clearly true. Count Paris is just a little older than Romeo, also very handsome and most important he is a kinsman of Prince Escalus, which means he has a higher status than Romeo. 3. The characteristics of Romeo are very clear seen in the play, but because Paris doesn’t appear so often in the play, we can’t conclude much characteristics of him. But still we can match some characteristics and things of the two characters. The biggest similarity is of course that they both fell in love with Juliet, and that they want to marry her very quickly. Romeo and Paris are also both self-centered and selfish: Romeo is selfish when he doesn’t think about what Juliet will be put through if she goes about marrying him with the Friar. He doesn’t realize that her father and mother…show more content…
Romeo and Paris have not only things in common, there are also differences between the two. Romeo changes his mind fast, that’s easily seen when Romeo is one day totally in love with Rosaline but the next day, actually the same night he is totally in love with Juliet. Paris on the other hand is constantly in love with Juliet, and doesn’t give up on her. Paris is also decent, he asks Lord Capulet polite if he can marry his loved-daughter. Romeo didn’t share his feelings for Juliet to anyone but Juliet and Friar Lawrence, the fact that he had contact with Juliet was only known by Romeo and his friends, Juliet the Nurse and Friar Lawrence. Romeo also makes decisions to fast, for example by kissing and marrying Juliet so
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