Comparing Joseph Lee's Life And Career

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Joseph Lee was born into a rich family on March 8, 1862 in Brookline, Massachusetts. His family were leaders in business as his ancestors had been, which led his family to have a great fortune. Growing up, along with his six brothers and sisters, he was able to enjoy the large home that their family was fortunate enough to have. It provided them with enough space outside to play and have a very happy childhood. Lee attended a preparatory high school that led him into Harvard at the young age of 16. As an undergraduate he studied philosophy and political science but was still undecided with what he wanted to select as a career. This upset his father who had wanted him to follow in his footsteps with business. Lee received his AB degree in 1883 and graduated from Harvard Law in 1888. After graduating from Harvard Law, he began to work in a law firm in Boston. The following year Joseph decided to resign from his position. Not long after leaving the law firm, he decided he would put all his time and even money into working on social causes. He was no longer unclear on the path he wanted to take in his career.…show more content…
In1897 he founded the Massachusetts Civic League and served as its president. Lee felt guilty about having so much growing up after being aware of the conditions that people around him were living in. He decided to work with a woman named Zelpha Smith on a ten-year study of needs of children that he financed with his own money. By 1900, Lee had already been nationally known as a social worker. He began to work on promoting recreation and finding a way to create a safe and fun environment for all age

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