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The rise of technology in our world is incredible, one day we have flip phones and another we have the ability to use our phone screens as a touch pad. These types of inventions come from great thinkers, similar to those of the past like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison. In this essay, I wanted to compare and contrast the companies of two marvelous thinkers that changed the way humans think and interact, those two being Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and their companies Microsoft and Apple. I will compare their two owners and their creations, and I will talk about the differences of their leadership. First I will speak on the two owners of these companies, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both are very intelligent men and obviously created something that changed the way we live forever. Oddly enough, both of them were college dropouts. Yes, college dropouts. Even with that, they were immensely successful. For the time being, Gates attended Harvard College, while Steve Jobs attended Reed College. Both these men were the founders and CEO of their companies. Next, I want to focus on their creations. Second, their creations were life changing. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs goal were to expand on the creation of the Internet, which was created by Bill Gates, called Windows. Steve Jobs wanted to create a way to make computers much more simple and affordable. Bill Gates was the first to hit the scene with his program and really took off in his career when IBM developed their version of a computer and asked Gates to add his program, which is called MS-DOS, an Internet use program. But later on after the Internet was more common to everybody, Steve Jobs came out with the first ever fully operated touch screen cellular device. He called it the iPhone. It was basically a mobile computer that can also be used to make calls and communicate with people. Now almost everybody you

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