Compare Metropolis and Modern Time

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Compare “METROPOLIS” and “MODERN TIME” Metropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia in 2007. Dystopia is kind of city that filled with sadness, criticism, abandoned, pollute opposite to “Utopia”. It is a social which has conflict between workers and planners because their life style is completely different. Planners is the rulers of this city who will live really convenience in the world above the ground, Johann Fredersen is the master mind. Meanwhile underground is the place of workers who have to work in order to survive. One day the woman name Maria who is the missionary appear in the middle of workers and teach bible for them about the tower of babel where you can connect to the god. She thought these because she wants the workers to not giving up hope to revolt and waiting for the appearing of “ the Mediator”. Who will become the heart between workers and planners. Mediator will reunion workers and planners to become one society. One day Freder son of Frederen accidently meet with Maria and fall in love for Maria. So he decided to follow her to underground mine. There he meet with the reality of workers of how they live. In this city there are full of machine and industrial equipment, he saw that if the machine explode they will not matter the life of survivors but they will focus on finding new workers to come. Instead of machines they’re monsters. Freder swap with one of the worker, it makes him understand how hard it is to be a worker and really suffocate to wait for changing turn to another worker. For just the first day it makes him fall to the ground, Meanwhile his father know that the workers always gathering after work to listen to Maria speaking. So Fredersen order his scienctist to use Maria to become a model of the new design robot, in order to use it to control workers. After that she was caught by the scienctist keep her at his house and start

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