Compare And Contrast Korean War And Vietnam War

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There were many different wars throughout the history and the United States has been involved in many different wars with different objectives and results. During the second half of the twentieth century, when Vietnam War happened, U.S. was involved in effort to stop communism from spreading as it did when Korean War started. The United States was part of the United Nations, and when North Koreans attacked the South Koreans threatening to take over south so they can be under the same law of communism, the United Nation as a whole decided to send military aid to South Korea, and of which the United States supplied a large portion. The South Korea was able to win against the North Korea with the help from the United States and United Nations.…show more content…
The conflicts between the North and the South Vietnam increased along with the Viet Cong rebels. The North Vietnam threatened South Vietnam that they will take over and make the communist. Even with the help of the United States, the South Vietnam wasn’t able to win. For both wars, the main reason for U.S. involvement was to follow the policy of United States that they will stop communist from spreading. There are many differences between the two wars. The main difference is that the communist side, North Vietnam won the war and the capitalist side, South Korea won the Korean War. Another difference is the time the war went on. Korean war lasted only about three years while the Vietnam war lasted about twenty years. The weather climates that the soldiers had to fight in was also different. The Korean war was fought when it was cold in the winter while the Vietnam war was fought when it was still hot and humid. The way how the wars started is also different. Korean war started when the north tried to invade the south. The Vietnam war was a little bit different. People had no idea who the enemies were during the day. Only during the night Viet Cong started to act. South Vietnam was
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