Compare And Contrast Gatsby And Tom

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The Great Gatsby Compare and contrast Gatsby and Tom. How are they alike? How are they different? The novel The Great Gatsby was written between 1923 and 1924 by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was born on was born on September 24, 1896. Set in the twenties, the story see’s the life through the narration of Nick Carraway, Nick is a young man born in Minnesota who fought in the First World War. After he comes out of the war he moves to Long island to the village of West Egg, there he meets the mysterious character Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is Nick’s neighbour; he is an extremely wealthy man and likes to throw parties every Saturday night. Nick learns that in Gatsby’s earlier life, he was in love with Daisy Buchanan whom is Nick’s cousin.…show more content…
Tom likes Daisy not for true love but because she’s makes a good trophy wife. Tom cheats on daisy with Myrtle and he doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings, he doesn’t strive for daisy’s love as he knows that his wealth will keep her. Tom’s money and the lifestyle it offers are what attracts daisy and she is nothing but an object to Tom. Whereas Gatsby longs for Daisy’s love and will do anything to achieve it, this is proved when Daisy kills Myrtle with his car Gatsby loves her so much that he takes the blame for her. Gatsby is a nostalgic person as he says to daisy ‘can’t repeat the past?'... 'Why of course you can!' This shows that he wishes for the relationship they once had when he was in the military. Daisy’s love is what motivates Gatsby to achieve his American dream and gain the wealth he needs. Gatsby would do anything to make someone happy. As one of the twins mentioned whilst at one of Gatsby’s parties ‘There’s something funny about a fellow that’ll do a thing like that, he doesn’t want trouble with anybody’. Altogether Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are different in many ways as Tom is an arrogant, sexist bully and has no respect of others around him where as throughout the novel you get a sense that Gatsby is more of a kind and refined character. However Tom and Gatsby have their similarities as they both want Daisy but for different reasons- tom for his persona and Gatsby for true love. And both Tom and Gatsby enjoy their luxurious lifestyles and they both like to party all the time. References (1) Chapter 1 page
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