Chapter 4 Juxtaposition In The Great Gatsby

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Plan Chapters 1 to 4 juxtaposition between Gatsby and the Buchanans Intro: present Gatsby and the Buchanans family: Gatsby lives in the West Egg, he throws parties every weekend at his mansion - he is extremely wealthy, he has a large swimming pool, a fancy car and a lot of servants. He wants to have Daisy Back - he has a mysterious past, we don’t really know were his money comes from – His party shows social class conflict, the new rich and the aristocratic class (they gossip and rumors about Gatsby) – Gatsby is a new rich The Buchanans’ family live across the courtesy bay in the white palaces of fashionable East Egg - Daisy was Nick’s second cousin and Nick knew Tom in college. Tom and Daisy were married and had a little girl – Tom’s family was enormously wealthy – Their house was a cheerful red-and-white Georgian colonial mansion - The Buchanans are in the aristocratic class First body paragraph: Analyse Gatsby Gatsby needs to lie to be accepted in East Egg person - He represent the American Dream, he is a symbol of hope, faith, optimism and dream  he wishes to have Daisy back + his is individualist and materialist like the American Dream wanted- He is really naïve and he can’t make his dreams a reality – Gatsby doesn’t work hard to earn his money (as opposed to Nick who needs to)…show more content…
That means Gatsby’s origin of his money is mysterious. But Tom’s money definitely comes from his family. Daisy chooses Tom event if she is in love with Gatsby, because Tom is more socially desired, Gatsby doesn’t have the social status that Daisy wants. Gatsby uses his money to get everything that his thinks Daisy has always wanted in hope to get her back. Gatsby needs to lie to Daisy about his past to convince her that he is worthy for her. Tom was a solid man, he came from aristocratic family who could promise her a wealthy life and he had the support of his

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