Compare and Contrast 2 Social Streets

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The street that I would like to compare City Road, Cardiff to is the main town of Lowestoft. It is an old fishing town, with the main body of the town set on one long road, also known as the A12. The town is a seaside resort and so is busiest in the summer. It is a highly populated town, yet, in comparison to City Road, we have a fairly low immigration population. As previously stated, the street is one long road, but over the years has changed dramatically, possibly more advantageous for pedestrians. The main body of the street has been pedestrianised, with just two roads cutting across it, and small routes for buses. This allows pedestrians to get around in a safe environment. So, unlike City Road, they should have no worries about vehicles. However, this is not always the case as cyclists seem to have their own rules. Although there are street signs indicating that cycling is not permitted during the shop opening hours, a proportion of them disregard this rule, making this one situation where the pedestrians no longer feel safe and secure. On City Road the cyclists use the road alongside other vehicles and appear to follow the rules, therefore, it would suggest that pedestrians in Cardiff feel safer. The pedestrians on City Road, also has the advantage of having islands to help cross the road safer with also different coloured tarmac, which defines the use for both drivers and walkers Lowestoft’s main street being pedestrianised is ideal for able and non able bodies equally. It is all evenly levelled and where the road meets the street, the pavement has a ridged texture to help make travel easier for the visually impaired. However, further up the street is the more historical end with listed buildings and road designated for buses. Here, non able bodied people and young families are at a disadvantage. The curbs are very high and some historical
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