Environmental Issues In California

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ANALYSIS • What time did the sun rise today (date and time)? 6:45AM, on 9/29/2013 • What was the total rainfall in your state last year? Average in my city in California was 33 days. • Name three endangered mammals listed in your state. Whale: finback, whale: blue, whale: humpback • Which is your state's longest river and what is its length in miles and kilometers? (If your state doesn't have a river, base your responses on a neighboring state.) Sacramento River - 447 miles (719 km) • When is the fishing season open for Atlantic salmon or other species? Fall is the fishing season for open Atlantic salmon and other species. • Name two species of trees native to your area. Lupines, California Fuchsias, and California Poppies. • What is the source of your drinking water? The Metropolitan Water District imports water from the Colorado River and State Water Project and supplies it to member agencies and cities. • Where does garbage go (that is, name the facility and its location)? A transfer station waste facility. Waste Management of…show more content…
I believe that the top three environmental issues are; air pollution, lack of green space, and lack of public transportation systems. Nowadays, I see less green space around the houses and in the neighborhood and one of the reasons could be because of compact houses and less out door space. Air pollution is a huge environmental issue because it can lead to poor health. Pollution also affects the environment and looking at the research I realized the forests, US National Wildlife Refuse, and environmental recreation areas are far from the cities and it could be because of the pollution. One of the biggest reasons for pollution is lack of public transportation. California’s highways are always packed and if more public transportation was provided than I believe we would be using less fuel, which means less

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