Compare and Contrast 1900s School vs Present Day School

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in the past and experience life through a different time era? The early 1900s was much different then the way we all have it now. To the opinion of most old-timers, most of the kids now would survive with the lack of technology. How could just a hundred years make a difference? You’d be surprised how different it really was back in the early 1900s. Schools back in the 1900s had a much more difficult time than students today with all of the technological advances. In the early 1900s schools only had one teacher, a large room to teach in and every grade level to teach. School wasn’t really required back then, most attended but once a male was in about the sixth grade, he would drop out and help work with his father to support the family. They didn’t even know if school would still be around now; they thought that teaching would fail, all together giving up on education. Students didn’t have computers or pens; they had chalkboards and ink pens to work with. In the 1900s every student would have to walk miles to reach the school, if your family was privileged or worked on a farm and had a horse, you could then ride the horse to school, but only the males; females were not allowed to ride. There was one stove in the very front of the classroom for when it was cold. Could you imagine having one stove to heat and warm up an entire room? Lunches were not provided for the children, you had to make them everyday for yourself and siblings. The present day, we students are much more privileged then those of the 1900s. We are given many opportunities for learning from many sources. Each subject has multiple teachers and classes. Not only can you learn at a private school and a public school but you can also learn and go through school online. Nowadays it is a requirement to go to school; it’s the law. Everyone in this
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