Comparative Essay-Egypt Vs Mesopotamia

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Comparative Essay: Mesopotamia and Egypt Ever since the rise of humans, the foragers became curious of the environment around them and because of that, many changes began to take place. As humanity learned the ways of agriculture and the ways to produce better and stronger weapons, it pointed out the first signs of civilizations. Instead of hunting all the time and following herds of animals, people started growing their own food and developed a very reliable source of nutrition. The people of these ancient times also started trading with each other and this caused the attraction of other people from different countries. Throughout all of these changes, the first civilizations of mankind were born. At that time, the two major civilizations were Mesopotamia and Egypt. They were similar and different in numerous ways. Egypt developed a unified state while Mesopotamia had many competing states, Egypt produced more wheat while Mesopotamia produced more barely, and similarly, the two civilizations lived near river valleys. Both Mesopotamia and Egypt had important rivers that benefited them. In Mesopotamia, many civilians relied on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. In Egypt, the population relied on the Nile. Although these rivers rose annually, they had different outcomes. While the Nile River was predictable and easier to deal with, the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers were unpredictable. This meant that the Mesopotamians did not have a constant supply of crops due to the crops that were ruined by the rivers. On the other hand, the Egyptians had no trouble and their agriculture was rich. Therefore, the Mesopotamians were envious of the Egyptians and their environment. Although both civilizations had agriculture, they had different produces. In Mesopotamia, there was a lot of deforestation. Because of this, Mesopotamia’s soil was eroded and it decreased about 65% of crop

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